My name is Michele and many years ago I trained to be a make-up artist covering movie-style special effects, fashion make-up, and hair styling in my HND at the London School of Fashion.

After realising that while I may get to indulge my creative side, I would also have to be nice to people all day and put up with star’s bad behavior, I decided it wasn’t for me!

Since then I have been working in the travel industry but my passion for all things beauty has remained. You will notice I will be integrating some travel articles into this blog such as spa breaks and hotels as well as travel beauty tips. If you are into luxury travel you may already be reading my well-established travel blog, Turning Left for Less. If not, why not check that out too?

I love luxury beauty products but they are not cheap, so I have worked out the best ways to get them cheaper or get extra perks with your purchase.

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